STICK INSECTS (Order; Phasmatidae)

There are 104 recorded species in Australia (including Lord Howe Island). There are probably closer to 150 species.
This is a list of the nine species of stick insects that I am breeding. I will eventually add caresheets for each of these species.

The female childrens stick nymph at its penultimate (second-last) stage.

The female goliath stick insect.

The strong stick insect at two nymph instars.

The crown head stick insect Onchestus rentzii.

The newly emerged male spiny leaf insect drying his wings.

The Childrens stick insect Tropidoderus childreni ova with frenulum X60.

Goliath stick insect egg.

Strong stick insect egg.

Crown stick insect egg.

Dwarf stick insect egg.

1 Childrens stick insect (Jade stick) Tropidoderus childreni NSW, Victoria.

This insect is named after a scientist called Mr. Children.

The female childrens stick nymph at its penultimate molt.

The ova.

2 Spiny leaf insect Extatosoma tiaratum Qld, NSW

The newly emerged male spiny leaf insect drying his wings.

The adult female likes to hang from the branch.

The hatchling imitates a red headed meat ant.

Her eggs are the bottom right one.

3 Goliath stick insect Eurycnema goliath Qld, NSW, Vic, Tas.

Nymphs are brown and show pro wings at the penultimate (last) instar.

Leaves are eaten in arc shaped slices. They will usually finish the whole leaf including petiole (stem).

The female goliath stick insect.

Her egg with frenulum (knob).

4 Dwarf stick insect Sipyloidea larryi Nth Qld.

Dwarf stick insect Sipyloidea larryi.

Dwarf stick insect egg.

5 Tessulated stick insect Anchiale austrotessulata NSW.

The unmated females produced only daughters but quite variable in color.

Tesselated stick insect adults are green or brown Anchiale austrotessulata.

Her eggs are the middle left.

6 (the similar) Strong stick insect Anchiale briareus Qld

The strong stick insect nymph at two different instars.

The strong stick insect Anchiale briareus.female.

A male Anchiale spinnicolis. found at Wave Hill NT 7/2011

7 Crowned stick insect Onchestus rentzi Nth. Qld.

The female will flash her small wings in a defensive display.

The female.

Her egg is the top left one.

8 Titan stick insects are large, grey/brown with very pretty purple tessellated wings.Qld, NSW.

9 Margin winged stick insect. NSW, Vic, SA, Tas.

Her eggs are the bottom left.

This evil predator looks harmless but will eat your sticks.