OTHERS    a list of some of the other 28 orders of insects.

Insects (Class; Insecta) rule the world. There are almost 1000,000 described species in 28/30 orders. 7000 new discoveries are made each year but more than this are probably lost due to extinction. Insects typically are defined by having 1/six legs 2/three body parts and 3/wings.

Cicadas; Order Hemiptera

The greengrocer cicadais one of the noisiest insects on earth. Notice its discarded shell (exuvia).

The greengrocer cicada Cyclochila australasiae.
The photo is by Neil Skene

The crusader bug displays the shield of the crusades.

Young ones wear a tux.!

Another sheild bug.

This is its nymph.

A nymph bug from Buxton

The crusader bug displays the shield of the crusades.

The curious eggs of a bug.

The curious culprit nymph.

The infamous love bug, or harlequin bug.

Grasshoppers katydids and crickets; Order, Orthoptera

The plague locust. Chortoicetes terminifera.

Dragonflies and damselflies; Order Odonata.

A tiny damselfly

A dragonfly

A dragonfly from Wave Hill.


A mantis lacewing.

An owlfly lacewing has clubbed antennae.

Flies and mosquitoes; Order, Diptera

A robber fly.

Earwigs; Order, Dermaptera

Termites; Order, Isoptera

Sawflies, ants, bees, wasps; Order, Hymenoptera

Cockroaches; Order, Blattodea

Bush cockroach.

Mayflies; Order, Ephemoptera