BUTTERFLIES (Lepidoptera)

There are about 400 species of butterflies in Australia, mostly tropical.
There are 143 species local to Victoria (Museum Of Victoria) although some are local only to high altitude or generally scarce.
This is a list of species that occur around Melbourne.

Magnified wing showing scales. This is the exotic Ulysses butterfly Papilio ulysses from Queensland.

Swordgrass brown Tisiphone aboena occurs in habitats with swordgrass Ghania.

Woodwhite feeding on gum blossom.

Imperial blue adult.

Imperial blue Jalmenus evagoras (Lycenidae)

The imperial blue is sometimes common on young Acacia and always attended by ants. The larva and pupa produce "honey dew" that the ants eat. The ants protect the insects from predators such as parasitic wasps. This year (2011) it is common at Coldstream.

The imperial blue butterfly is found on young Acacia in the Margaret Lewis Reserve, Jan. 2011.

The adult imperial blue Jalmenus evagoras.

The male imperial blues wait for females to emerge.

The larvae and pupae are attended by ants.

Wood white Delias aganippe.(Pieridae)

The wood white is found around mistletoe on which the larva feed. The adults imitate the red and yellow flowers.

The wood white Delias aganippe on mistletoe.

This old male feeding on red flowering gum. Margaret Lewis Reserve.

Wood white feeding on red flowering gum blossom in January.


A tiny skipper.

Imperial white Delias harpaylce.(Pieridae)

The imperial white Delias harpalyce.

Cabbage white Pieris rapae.(Pieridae)

The cabbage white Pieris rapae.

Small grass yellow Eurema simlax.(Pieridae)

Eastern ringed xenica Geitoneura acantha.(Nymphalidae)

The eastern ringed xenica Geitoneura acantha.

Klug's xenica Geitoneura klugii.(Nymphalidae)

Common brown Heteronympha merope.(Nymphalidae)

The common brown male Heteronympha merope.

The common brown female Heteronympha merope.

Spotted brown Heteronympha paradelpha.(Nymphalidae)

Shouldered brown Heteronympha penelope.(Nymphalidae)

Solanders brown Heteronympha solandri.(Nymphalidae)

Bright eyed brown Heteronympha cordace.(Nymphalidae)

Orichora brown Oreixenica orichora.(Nymphalidae)

common silver xenica Oreixenica lathoniella.(Nymphalidae)

Correa brown Oreixenica correae.(Nymphalidae)

Kershaw's brown Oreixenica kershawi.(Nymphalidae)

Sword-grass brown Tisiphone abeona.(Nymphalidae)

Swordgrass brown Tisiphone aboena occurs in habitats with swordgrass Ghania.

Swordgrass brown Tisiphone sp. from Red Hill Victoria .

Tailed emperor Polyura pyrrhus.(Nymphalidae)

Australian painted lady Vanessa cardui.(Nymphalidae)

The australian painted lady Vanessa carduii.

Australian admiral Vanessa itea.(Nymphalidae)

The australian admital Vanessa itea.

Meadow argus Junonia villida.(Nymphalidae)

medow agrus Junonia villida.

Monarch Danaus plexippus.(Nymphalidae)

The monarch Danaus plexippus on milkweed Asclepsia.

The monarch caterpillar.

Freshly pupated monarch.

The monarch pupa ready to emerge.

Lesser wanderer Danaus chrysippus. (Nymphalidae) Wing fragment found in Coldstream Jan 2011!!!

Common eggfly Hypolimnas bolina.(Nymphalidae)

Grass blue.(Lycaenidae)

The common grass blue.

Dainty swallowtail Papilio anactus. (Papilionidae)

The dainty swallowtail, or lesser orchard swallowtail Papilio anactus.

Orchard swallowtail Papilio ageus.(Papilionidae)