BEETLES (Coleoptera)

It is a very large group so I will have to add further subsections.

Leaf Beetles (Chrysomelidae)

Leaf Beetles include the exotic pest elm leaf beetle. They differ from ladybeetles by being fully vegetarian. Most are rather cryptic.

This is a leaf beetle.Paropsisterna vittipennis

This photo includes two species.

Eucalyptus tortiose beetle Paropsis atomaria.

Eucalyptus tortiose beetle Paropsis atomaria larva.

The eggs and larvae of the tortoise leaf beetle.

This leaf beetle was found on mature Eucalyptus in Margaret Lewis Reserve.

This is a leaf beetle found on Acacia. Calomela curtisi.

This is a tiny leaf beetle found on Acacia.

Another Eucalyptus leaf beetle from Montrose.

This is another leaf beetle from Tasmania, a forestry pest.

This is Chrysophtharta decolorata another leaf beetle.

Another leaf beetle

This is another leaf beetle croydon 8/2011.

This is an exotic leaf beetle found on elms.

This elm leaf beetle larva and leaf damage.

Ladybird beetles (Coccinellidae)

Ladybird beetles are popular on garden roses as the nymphs eat aphids.
There are many different species sporting a range of colors from red and orange to yellow.

1mm eggs of ladybeetle onAcacia.

The larvae. These things eat other small bugs

The 13 spotted ladybird beetle Harmonia conformis

Longhorned beetles (Cerambicidae)

Longicorn beetles are common and diverse. Their larvae are wood borers in roots and timber.

This unidentified flower longicorn beetle feeds on Acacia.

Scarab beetles (Scarabidae)

Stag beetles, Bess beetles, Flower beetles,Christmas beetles, Rhinoceros beetles, Cockchafer beetles, Dung beetles.

Fiddler beetle
Eupoecila australasiae. Swifts Creek, Victoria. Wikimedia commons.


Christmas beetle Anoplognathus pallidicollis Wikimedia commons.

Cowboy beetle. Diaphonia dorsalis

Bess beetle.

the small rose chafer beetle.

Green flower beetle. Montrose reserve September 2011


Leaf beetle on Acacia.


Dung beetle.


The female dung beetle.

Weevils beetles (Curculionoidae)

Weevils are regular beetles with a long nose and bad reputation

Giant weevil. Montrose reserve September 2011


Brentidae (Straight nosed weevils) Weevil, Coldstream, Victoria


The botany bay weevil, Coldstream, Victoria


Jewel beetles (Buprestidae) Australia has 1200 sp

Metallic jewel beetle, Castiarina sp.Mt Evelyn Victoria


Click beetles (Elateridae)

Feather horned beetles. (Rhipiceridae)

There are only six species in Australia All are Rhipicera. The larvae are believed to be ectoparasitic on cicadas.

Feather horned (or fan) beetle,Rhipicera femorata. Mornington, Inverloch. Victoria


Beetles from NT Kalkaringji2011